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About our Bilingual Program

Our Bilingual Adventure began in 2010 and after four years we are still going strong.

It all started when some teachers and the principal Don Manuel Marín got together to see how we could pull through the idea of having a BILINGUAL PROGRAM. Everyone was talking about bilingual studies and a couple of public schools here in Granada had already started the program in 1st of E.S.O. We wanted to be the first "concertado" school to join in both in primary and secondary and WE DID!

What an adventure it has been. Teachers improving their English, students listening to English in Art, Music, Social Studies and Physical Education and native speakers becoming part of our daily lives. English was everywhere. It was great to see a bilingual teacher speaking with a student in English in the halls.


bilingual education

Centro Concertado Juan XXIII Cartuja - Granada

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